Germantown on the Mesa, LANL Office of Science Seminar Series, Virtual/LANL, August 10, 2023

  • M. Hoffman. From the poles to the coast: Improving projections of the contribution of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to sea-level change and accounting for regional variations in sea level

17th U. S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics, Albuquerque, NM, July 23-27, 2023

  • M. Carlson. Automated Tuning of Albany Land Ice for Portable Performance

  • M. Hoffman. Stress, Damage, and Rheological Controls on Iceberg Calving and the Evolution of Thwaites Glacier

  • M. Perego. A Hybrid Operator Network/Finite ElementMethod for Ice-Sheet Modeling

  • M. Perego. Ice Sheet Models of Different Fidelity forUncertainty Quantification

  • N. Urban. Uncertainty Quantification of Antarctic Ice Sheet Dynamics Using High-Resolution Model Ensembles

Forum on Research into Ice Shelf Processes 2023, Stalheim, Norway, Jun 19-22, 2023

  • X. Asay-Davis, Ice sheet-ocean coupling in an Earth System Model

Geoscience Frontier Forum, Beijing Normal University, virtual, May 9, 2023

  • M. Hoffman. From the poles to the coast: Towards a unified treatment of sea level in E3SM

EGU, Vienna, Austria, Apr. 23-28, 2023

  • X. Asay-Davis, Ice sheet-ocean coupling in an Earth System Model

FASTMath Seminar Series, Virtual Seminar Series, Apr. 24, 2023

  • J. Watkins. Ongoing challenges in improving and maintaining computational performance in the ice-sheet modeling code MALI Invited

Pittsburgh Mathematics-Naval Nuclear Laboratory Joint Seminar, Pittsburgh, PA, March 14, 2023

  • M. Perego. Computational Aspects of Ice-Sheet Modeling Invited

SIAM CSE 2023, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Feb 26 - Mar 3, 2023

  • J. Watkins. Performance-Portable Extensions to Ice-Sheet Modeling in MALI

  • I. Tezaur. Achieving and Maintaining Performance and Performance Portability within the Albany Multi-Physics Code: Perspectives and Tools

  • K. Liegeois. Computational Efficient Estimation of the Extreme Event Probability of the Mass Loss of Antarctic Ice Sheets

  • M. Perego. Computational Challenges in Designing Robust Solvers for Ice Sheet Modeling

Maths On Ice, Virtual Seminar Series, Jan. 9, 2023

  • M. Perego. Ice sheet initialization with MALI: advances and standing challenges Invited


American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Chicago, IL, Dec. 12-16, 2022

  • T. Hillebrand. Combining stress- and damage-based calving laws reproduces recent behavior of Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica, and enhances 21st century ocean-driven retreat

  • M. Hoffman. Impact of Low Mantle Viscosity and Thin Lithosphere on Retreat of Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica, Over the Next 500 Years

West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Workshop, Estes Park, CO, Sept. 26-29, 2022

  • T. Hillebrand. Accounting for ice-shelf damage in rheology and calving laws reproduces observed changes and amplifies projected 21st century mass loss

  • M. Hoffman. Rapid bedrock uplift may slow retreat of Thwaites Glacier by decades over the coming centuries

Earth Science Performance, Productivity, Reliability Engineering Workshop, Boulder, CO, Sept. 20-21, 2022

  • J. Watkins. Performance portability and productivity in ice-sheet modeling using MALI

Last updated: Feb. 19, 2023